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Cathy Reilly - The Temp Factor Book Series

Cathy Reilly - Author of "The Temp Factor"

Pulling from her personal experience in Human Resources for over two decades, Cathy Reilly writes and consults on temporary employment and “day one” training. Her up-to-date handbook, The Temp Factor: The Complete Guide to Temporary Employment for Staffing Services, Clients, and Temps teaches each sector of this three-sided work arrangement about the fundamentals, how to achieve distinction,  and apply better solutions to meet today’s staffing challenges. In The Temp Factor: The Job Seeker’s Guide to Temporary Employment, she presents how this job search strategy may get anyone looking for a new position back to work faster and in front of hiring managers or decision makers for days, weeks, or even months at a time; something a resume cannot.

As a former member of the U.S. Navy, Cathy has long believed that a sound understanding of basic principals is an essential part of achieving milestones and building success. Adapting this philosophy to the ongoing challenge that organizations face in training new hires and temps, Cathy developed Onboardia, a transforming concept in “day one” training and productivity.

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  • “Hiring temps is only half the challenge.
    Training them is the other half.”

    Cathy Reilly, Founder, Onboardia, Inc.

  • “It is important to invest the time and energy to train a temporary worker. If not, the company will lose productivity and it minimizes the experience to all parties involved.”

    Caroline Boyce, Consultant

  • “We usually hire temps at the last minute - it's the nature of our business. We can't often spare the time or resources to train them, yet we need temps to be of value from day one.”

    Janet Cortazzi, H.R. Director